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Just so you all know, we aren’t abandoning our reviews, we are just changing media!  

Youtube videos seem to be the ‘in thing’ right now in this modern world we live in, and to be honest, as much as we love writing for this wonderful site, they’re also less time consuming. So yes, we do now have a Youtube channel which will be updated frequently. We even have a cool intro made by our very own Naytoe 🙂  Yeah alright so the first two videos on there don’t…but that was when we were all retro and ya know…starting out and all that jazz…and stuff…

We have also been approached by a lovely company called who have asked us to review some of their gaming products now and again, which is super cool!  So keep a special look out for those on the channel as you might even get some free discounts!!!

Here’s the channel below.  Please subscribe to us, we would be gamingly grateful!

Coupes Corner Youtube Channel

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