Zelda Skyward Sword

The Details
  • Title: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released: 18 November, 2011
  • Platforms: Wii
  • Reviewed On: Wii

Zelda has many fans, and each has a different favourite Zelda game from the franchise.  Many would have you believe that the 2D Snes game Link To The Past was the best, whilst others would say that Ocarina of Time was the best, recently re-released on the 3DS.

Whatever your opinion, let’s all welcome with open arms another fantastic installment, as we soar through the skies on our Wii consoles with Zelda Skyward Sword.

When this was due for release, there was already speculation floating around about how this could be the ultimate, if not THE best Zelda game to have ever surfaced.  I am unable to make my mind up yet, but I can tell you that it is definitely one that is not to be missed!  It’s got beautiful visuals and works really well with the Wii-motion controls.  You use your nunchuck to block with your shield, and the remote to swing your sword.  The cool thing is, whichever way you swing your remote, is the way that the sword moves direction!  How cool is that!?  One thing that really makes me feel like a true Zelda nerd, is that you can raise the sword in the air to give it full power by raising the remote in the air at the same time!  Wow!  It truly is an amazing feeling, and makes you feel important just for that tiny moment.


The graphics are quite stunning for a Wii game.

So why is this Zelda game so great?  It certainly stands out from the other games because you can fly!  No, Link can’t, before you all start to say ‘wtf’.  No, the birds in the sky allow you to ride on them and you get to control the direction you fly in via the remote.  Basically, Link lives above the clouds, in another world called Skyloft that is separated from the world below.  When Princess Zelda is taken from Skyloft into the world below, it is up to Link to save the day!  That damn Zelda…she should be best friends with Princess Peach.


The birds are nice to fly around on using the Wii remote for direction.

Link will encounter many dungeons and temples along the way, just like in any other Zelda game, and there are lots of puzzles to accomplish.  It’s not just a fun game to play yourself, but also a fun game to watch others play.  There aren’t many games where I can say that. The only down side to the game is that it can sometimes have an awkward camera angle, but I find that these sort of games always do.  Take Mario Galaxy for example.  But it’s not that bad that it would put the player off.  It’s just a little niggle I had to have because there really isn’t thast much negative to say about this game.

This is the fastest selling Zelda game to date, and if you have a Wii and are a Zelda fan, then please do get it.  It is beautiful looking and one of the few games on the Wii where you can actually be amazed by the graphics.

  • Fantastic Visuals.
  • Rasponsive Wii motion controls.
  • Brilliant fresh new Zelda game!
  • Caera angle can be a bit awkward at times.
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