[WiiU. ] - Review:  The WiiU launched with this title.  Does it live up to the hype?
The Details
  • Title: ZombiU
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Released: 30 November, 2012
  • Platforms: Wii U
  • Reviewed On: WiiU

When I got my WiiU, this was the game I got with my Premium bundle.  There had been a lot of hype surrounding it, so therefore I was eager to try it out, even though I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to zombie games.  I always sucked at the Resident Evil series, so I wasn’t expecting to complete this game in a hurry.  If ever.

To start off with, it throws you into some sort of tutorial.  At least, I think that’s what it is supposed to be, but everything happens so quickly I cannot be sure!  Basically, as it was telling me to run away almost as soon as the game started, I got a bit confused with the controls (already haha, but bear in mind it was my first attempt at using the WiiU controller) and I spent so much time trying to figure out the buttons, that a few zombies decided to take a nibble out of me.  Before I knew it, I woke up in a dark and gloomy place, known as the safe house and the tutorial was over!  So erm…that didn’t impress me at all.  A game where you don’t even get to finish the tutorial if you die.  Clever.

Come on! Wake up! You've got work to do!

Come on! Wake up! You’ve got work to do!

The whole story behind the game, is basically that London (England) has been taken over by Zombies.  Even Buckingham Palace has been hit, but I’m still yet to see Charles or Camilla with no skin on.  It’s your job to try to confront the zombies, and by that, I mean go out there and cause some chaos!

You are not the only survivor.  When your character dies, you will re-spawn in the safe house as another character.  What I like about each survivor, is that it tells you about each ones occupation when they spawn.  I seem to recall being quite happy to let my tax collector get eaten.

The game is really hard, and you will find that you die a lot.  However, that is what is meant to happen believe it or not, so that you can compare with friends how many survivors you have currently gotten through.  What makes it more of a challenge, is that you lose everything your survivor was carrying on them when they die, unless they managed to store any equipment inside the safe house for the next survivor.  You can however find your old survivors body with your new one, and collect the equipment off them.  I could never be bothered.  Ammo is short-lived, so bide your time with it, for when that is gone, you will find yourself with a cricket bat (very British and it makes a change to the baseball bat) though it is pretty useless when it comes to a swarm.

The cricket bat.  Bet you've never seen one of them before!

The cricket bat. Bet you’ve never seen one of them before!

I will be honest, the furthest I got in this game was to Buckingham Palace before I got bored.  I find it all so very repetitive and too difficult for my liking.  It feels as though the computer wants you to die, as it spawns a stupid amount of zombies at you without even giving you a chance.

Graphically, it looks average.  The colours are quite dull, but then again it is a game full of death.  The graphics and colours remind me a little of Fallout 3, lots of browns and greys in there.  For a WiiU launch title, it doesn’t really boost the player with confidence about the consoles graphic capabilities, as the machine is quite capable of better having seen proof of that in other titles.

One thing that totally put me off the game, was when I watched fellow CoupesCorner writer NaytoE play through it.  He ran away from a swarm of zombies, but as he ran through the door, the game started to load the next area but the zombies were still moving as the load bar was loading, however his survivor could not.  So he got eaten, thanks to a badly designed loading area.

Okay, so I seem to have bashed this game a lot.  I do have one good thing to say about it though, and that is the fantastic use of the gamepad.  It acts as your own personal backpack, where all of your items get stored there, as you watch all of the action on the tv.  When you want to use an item, you press it on the touchscreen pad, or drag and drop it onto the selected area.  Your map also appears on there, along with your radar.

The map. Take notice. It may save your life...

The map. Take notice. It may save your life…

You have a friend who talks you through the action.  He is unseen, and just comes through on your walky-talky.  Think of Bioshock.  He is pretty useless though, and likes to take the piss a bit when you die.  So why doesn’t he come out here and deal with the swarm then if he thinks he is so clever!

The game is like Marmite.  You either love it or hate it.  Most hardcore WiiU players love it, but for people who would like a realistic, fair, and not so boring game, this is not for them.  Because yes, let’s face it, this game is boring.  Unless you are into zombie killing on a regular basis.

I would much rather play Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, if I cared about zombie games.

  • Scary atmosphere and interesting premise.
  • Poorly executed and full of bugs.
  • Supposed to be based in London, yet none of the scenery matches up, eg./ emergency services vehicles have the wrong markings.
  • Too difficult too early.
  • No reason to keep playing. Clear an area of zombies, they just respawn when you next enter that area. So no building escape routes.
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